Q. How much does an app cost to get developed?

A. Prices can range dramatically, from a simple app around $1000 to very complex projects over $200k. Most apps range around $5k – $10k.

Q. How do you decide the development cost of an app?

A. We have a detailed conversation about your app idea and all the features. I then calculate the complexity of the app and how much time it will take to develop. From those numbers I can provide a flat rate to develop the app.

Q. What is the difference between a static and dynamic app?

A. Static apps are packaged with all the information required to run and do not require an internet connection. Dynamic apps require an internet connection to retrieve the data from a backend server REST API. The app then uses this data to create the content.

Q. What is a native app?

A. A native app is an app written in the native language for that operating system. The two major operating systems are iOS (iPhone and iPad) which is developed using Objective-C and Android which uses Java.

Q. Do you develop native apps or use a framework?

A. I only develop native apps. Native apps are faster, use correct design standards, and do not have limitations like most of the frameworks.

Q. Will you develop an app for a revenue share?

A. When developing an app on a revenue share I am taking all the risk. There are many factors that must be considered like marketing, monetization, ownership, and of course the idea. I would have to evaluate the idea and all the factors to make a final decision.

Q. What are some of the basic ways to monetize an app?

A. This is a very in-depth topic and varies based on the type and target audience of the app. Some of the ways to monetize an app are:
– Free app with ads
– Free app with in-app purchases
– Sell your app
– Sell your app and have in-app purchases